Why Redefined-Life as a name for a design company?

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Why Redefine-Life?

For you Redefine-life.com may only be a design company; for me it is a constant reminder not to slip back into an old mindset, it is a design company that signifies the essence of humanity, morals, and personal growth. “Together we can achieve@Redefine-Life.com” ~Sean Molby

For me, to find this, I was in a way forced to take a step back and re-evaluate my life. Redefine not only who I am, but how I am perceived. For me, Balance is the ultimate goal!

So ask yourself, are you the person that you want to be, the person you are meant to be? Does your family, friends, and associates look to you for moral advice or support? What are the things most important to you? Is it your faith, your family, maybe your career? The only right answer is the one that makes your life complete. Maybe it is an important cause, or a job that gives

you purpose. Or having your family together and also having the time to spend with them. Whatever it is…. love, nurture, balance and enjoy it!

We tend to take the simple things in life for granted. Not even questioning the day to day normal things. Like walking, talking, hearing, seeing, and even breathing….living! We don’t even consider the convenience of eating out with friends, stopping to grab a quick cup of coffee, being able to go to the grocery store, and the social interaction that we receive at work or church. These are the little things that we just accept. We see them as normal, what everyone has and can do. We don’t think about these normal things, until they are taken away.

I have been fortunate enough to have learned a hard life lesson with the birth of my son Tristan in 2010.Hetristan_PFontan was born with a severe heart condition called HLHS (Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome) all those simple day to day necessities, we had to watch him fight for and struggle, nearly failing so many times to achieve. Even at only days old he had taught me so many valuable lessons and these lessons have forever changed my perspective on life. It is nearly four years later that I am finally putting these lessons to use. But even now I catch myself falling back into the default of human nature. Through this design company  I am reminded what redefined my life.

If we could all implement two simple principles, our entire perception could be Redefined.

• Be thankful for what you have.

• Take nothing for granted

My name is Sean Molby and my background is in Multifamily/Commercial Construction and Management for 20+ years, the last 10 of these years also includes applying Spray Polyurethane Foam and CONKLIN’S Commercial Roofing systems. I also studied Network Administration, Photography, and Graphic Design at JCCC. I took these classes mainly out of interest and the desire to further my personal growth. Creating something from nothing has always been very gratifying and enjoyable for  me. Thank you for visiting and please contact us if “Together, we can achieve@redefine-life.com

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